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LDA System with water-cooled Jacket

The application of LDA measurements to industrial and semi-industrial flames represents a significant improvement for aerodynamic diagnostic techniques. For this purpose the department of Energy Plant Technology maintains an accessory of a water-cooled jacket of 3800 mm length, which is compatible to the mobile PDA/LDA system. For quick and precise measurements inside highly particle laden flames of waste incineration plants and pulverised coal furnaces, the jacket incorporates a combined transmitting and receiving probe of small diameter and small focal length of 160 mm. It protects the optics from the aggressively harsh flame and the corrosive furnace environment while being inserted into the furnace. By this approach the decrease in signal quality associated with both the beam steering fluctuations, which are induced by temperature gradients and high particle load, is bypassed. This setup allow flow investigations in environments of high temperature and with high erosive load.

LDA measurement in a Waste Incineration Plant

LDA probe for industrial applications