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Student research projects

The LEAT has always student research projects to offer. Examples of tasks are listed in the following. Additional tasks are available by arrangement with the respective supervisor with appropriate scope and level of difficulty, please speak directly with Prof. Scherer, Dr. Wirtz or the academic staff of the Department.

Temporary title Type Download Contact Person
Konvektive Wärmeübertragung in der DEM/CFD-Methodik zur Beschreibung fluidisierter Schüttungen BT/MT pdf M.Sc. Frederik Bambauer
Design und commissioning of a test bench for flow conditions around single particles MT pdf M.Sc. Julian Jägers
ICT Auswertungs-Tool MT pdf M.Sc. Sebastian Krusch
Experimentelle Untersuchung des Koksausbrandes ST/PT/BT/MT pdf Dipl.-Phys. Dr.-Ing. Martin Schiemann
Investigation of ignition phase of pulverized solid fuel by use of stereoscopic pyrometry PT/ST/BT/MT pdf M.Sc. Nikita Vorobiev

ST: Semesterthesis
PT: Projectthesis
BT: Bachelorthesis
MT: Masterthesis