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The department of Energy Plant Technology developed an optical insitu measurement technique for characterisation of coal particle combustion. This technique enables the observation of burning coal particles during combustion in laboratory flames. With the TOSCA-System (Temperature measurement with electro optical high speed cameras) equipped with a telemicroscope and two amplified CCD cameras pictures from coal particles may be recorded and afterwards an image processing software with special algorithms is able to analyse the images statistically. Size, shape and velocity of the burning particles will be determined. Additionally surface temperatures of the burning coal particles are measurable quantitatively based on two colour pyrometry. At two laboratory facilities investigations has been carried out. The first one is characterised as a high temperature, high pressure drop tube furnace (KOALA), the second is an atmospherically operated flat flame burner with coal injection(FFB). It is the aim of the TOSCA development, both to improve the understanding of the fundamental reactions involved in pulverised coal combustion at given conditions and to supply data for the mathematical modelling and combustion simulation of full scale pressurised applications.

Flateflame burner