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Direct Numerical Simulation

The scope of the fundamental research of the Mathematical Modelling of Energy Conversion Processes is to investigate premixed combustion in a gas turbine. The main topic of this research project focuses on the ignition process and the effect on the development of turbulent flames. A detailed numerical investigation of the evaporation and the ignition process leads to a better understanding of one of the key features of combustion research. Simple steady combustion models like the reactor models cannot cope with detailed modeling of chemical species and finite rate reactions, which are necessary to deal with transition problems arising as a consequence from autoignition and quenching processes. Direct numerical simulations (DNS) with a time dependent turbulence structure and a finite rate reaction model adequately describe this kind of phenomena. In a cooperation with the NEC C&C Laboratories the department of Energy Plant Technology is permitted to apply the DNS Code NSCORE to perform DNS calculation of it�s own. The scope is to study auto ignition processes of synthetic turbulent diffusion flames.

DNS of a H2-O2-Diffusion flamme